Sunday, July 23, 2017

Its Summertime in the South.....

The Southern heat has finally hit. Really cannot complain, up until this past week we have been having a lovely summer, mostly 80's, no constant gawd awful humidity....until this past week. WHEW...and of course it had to hit hardest on Flea Market weekend.
Ya...I skipped it and opted for an indoor antique store then a float in the pool. But I have to admit, I missed going. There is always next month...or September, September is sounding pretty good.
Since I was just not up for pounding the asphalt of the Nashville Flea Market in the flesh melting heat of July, I decided to check out a new to me antique shop. Right across from the entrance to Opry Land Hotel. Deep in the heart of all of the country music tourist attractions I found a sweet little antique store. Really liked it (especially the air conditioning) they had a few good finds, but the prices are definitely on the antique store side.
Of course that did not stop me from picking up a couple little things.
Cute Orange Fire King dish called to me.
And I am always a sucker for these little tea towels.
It had been awhile since I had added to my Brass Menagerie, these darling geese had to move in with us!
When I it is super hot outside like it is right now, I tend to turn more to Ebay to try my luck. Yes....the fifth pig, the cute cereal bowl. Not a bargain price. Not so expensive that we will have to skip lunch for a week, but the bargain shopper in me is disgusted with what I paid.
But I still love it and I could consider the set complete if I decide that I don't really need the divided plate.
And I have not decided yet, although the bargain shopper in me is says enough with the pigs for now.
And does it make sense that during this heat I am craving homemade blueberry muffins? I do not like to turn the stove on in this kind of heat, but I have gotten out of bed super early the last two Sunday mornings just to make muffins. And oh it was totally worth it. This Pinterest find is now my go to recipe for blueberry muffins
So good!
I have finally finished the biggest parts of my summertime "decrap" project.  Now I can focus on back to school and dorm room prep. I do still have some fun decorating projects to do, I will have to show you once I have everything wrapped up! It will feel nice going into fall with a more organized house...not that I am finished...but a great deal of progress has been made! I hope I made some Goodwill shoppers very happy with my heavy donations the last month, LOL
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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