Sunday, July 16, 2017

A small break in the trend....

I was lucky to have a supersized extra long 4th of July weekend. Even though I seemed to have something going on every day and still had to get online and work a couple mornings, it was a much needed mini staycation. Of course with a couple extra days off I made sure that I got some time to hit my favorite local thrifts and indoor flea market. I have been doing so much purging around the house that I was really not shopping for anything, it was just an excuse to run out and about. But...I guess when you are not looking for anything in particular, that is when you find the best stuff!
First off, Pyrex fridgies in turquoise at my favorite indoor Flea Market, no way I was passing these up!
And my apparent pig obsession continues, I could not help myself, cute little guy.
I also managed to score another red stripe Hazel Atlas mug that I forgot to get a shot of. I was ticked because one of the two I bought at the Nashville Flea last fall popped and broke the minute my daughter put hot water in it for her tea. And at 3.00? It was a steal!
But my favorite find of the day came from Southern Thrift.  When I saw them sitting there I actually stood shocked for a moment. A Fire King Primrose four piece lunch set! I have been hunting for these for months! I had decided that Primrose would be the next dish set I collected and I really loved the lunch set. This is overall in pretty good shape, no chips but some paint loss but for 2.25 each? Yes, I will deal with a little paint loss, I say it just adds some charm and character!
I continue to focus on my house "purge" so much stuff that the kids have outgrown, piles and piles of books that I have read but not looked at again in years, so many things that I just really don't use or want anymore. Feels really great to get the "extra" out and just keep what I really enjoy. The fact that we have had at least some rain almost every weekend has helped keep me inside and I have gotten much more than I anticipated done, so I hope to have it all completed by the end of July, which is good because if I am going to work any craft markets this fall I need to start looking at getting some hammering done pretty darn soon!
Purging aside, I still plan to hit the Nashville Flea next weekend, unless it is flesh melting hot, in that case, more purging with a rewarding dip in the pool after I finish!
Hope you are having a productive weekend!

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