Saturday, July 8, 2017

It started with a button...

At the Lebanon Antiques and Uniques show a couple months ago, there was a vendor selling the most darling button jewelry. I got to chatting with her as I was looking over her stock and she was telling me that all of the buttons were from her grandmothers massive button collection. Tons of beautiful mother of pearl buttons turned into button flowers, necklaces, rings, earrings all sorts of cute jewelry. I had to grab a couple, one for my daughter and one for myself.
I wear mine all the time. Just something about it. The mother of pearl is so smooth, I love it!
So when I came home from the Nashville Flea Market last month with my mismatched insulator, thinking of what I could possibly do with it,  I started to think that maybe I would jump on the button crafting wagon and try my hand at crafting with some vintage buttons.
Vintage buttons are not hard to come by.
We had rain almost every day over the Forth of July weekend, so one afternoon after hauling myself out of the pool as the next thunderstorm rolled in, I came inside to scroll through Pinterest for some button flower inspiration. Then I dug into my button stash and started to play around.
I have to tell you, sitting at the kitchen table, listening to the rain pelting the windows, a gentle thunder rolling as I mixed and matched vintage buttons? Pretty darn relaxing.
And I think they turned out pretty cute!

And a button bouquet was exactly what the "bottom" insulator needed.
I ended up having so much fun, I decided to incorporate a vintage print that was destined for the trash.  A few minutes with my handy dandy paper punch and I was off again.
I was really tickled with how they turned out!

Well, at least I now have something that does NOT require watering to put in my kitchen window vintage bottle collection right?
As I was digging through the buttons, I found many mother of pearl buttons. I pulled them all out as I have another idea for them!
Good to keep the creative juices flowing even during a hiatus!
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer weekend!

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