Sunday, June 18, 2017

The fourth little pig....

As soon as we got back from the last Nashville Flea market with my surprise pig dish set, off to Ebay I went to see if I could find any more pieces that belonged to the set. I cannot say I was surprised that I did not find many, I was really hoping to find a plate. But thinking about it, it made sense that I would not find one. These were obviously intended to be "toddler" dishes. But what I did find was a wide plate/bowl.
Now, I will admit, I paid a bit for this, at 14.00 with shipping, it was not the bargain the other pieces were. Oh well, you pay for the convenience and for being able to find what you are looking for quickly instead of scouring the Flea markets for months. I freaking love these little pig dishes and have been using them non stop since I brought them home.
Worth the extra couple $$$$ to complete my little set!
Yes, I do realize that these are baby dishes....but hell with it. I love them!
I found a divided dish in this pattern and another slightly different pig bowl as well....stalking those on Ebay too.
Will this be a big collection? No, I would like to find one of each piece though, love the thought that I have reunited a set that was meant to be together.
Next weekend is already the next Nashville Flea Market! I am (per usual) looking very forward to it! and can you believe the 4th of July weekend is right around the corner? This year is speeding by at a dizzying pace!
 Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

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