Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Slowly hammering away

Trying to take it easy on my shoulder is putting me behind preparing my Farmisan Market stock for next week. When will I learn that I need to hammer for a half hour a couple nights a week and for a little while on the weekends to keep ahead of the game?

I can be a slow learner.

Not the best picture, I think they need another go over to darken up the print. But all three are new sentiments for the Market on the 20th.  Sore shoulder or not, I am excited for the market as usual. I really do love having it the park!

In the mean time, I keep looking for new ideas!

And taking ibuprofen. And slathering my shoulder with Tiger Balm. I smell like an old lady and I don't like it.

Heading to Creative Village on Saturday to drop off some new spoons and pick some up to bring to the Farmisan Market, and I think I will have to sneak in a trip to my favorite Flea market on the way. Bum shoulder will not keep me from hitting the Flea Market that is for sure! Wish me luck!

I Hope you are having a great week!

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