Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June Farmisan Market

Another Farmisan Market has come and gone, and although we did not have the big crowds that I was hoping for, it was still a great market.

The Jazz Alliance played some of my favorite 1940's music, my favorite BBQ guys were selling their fantastic BBQ and of course the Peach Truck was selling their delicious peaches.
Sales were pretty good, I measure my success by if I make enough money to cover my booth fee, any cost for my materials and still have some cash left to go flea marketing with. Because, let's be honest, my little business is just to fund my flea market habit :). I will not have a ton in my pocket to take to the flea market this week, but I have enough to make me happy, not a huge profit this month, but enough to make it worth my while. Plus we really had a good time visiting with other vendors and  the people that usually drop by our little market. I really enjoy meeting the people that come to our market.  The market itself is starting to look better and better, we organized into groups this time, had some new vendors and I think the market looked great!

The Peach Truck! Yes,  I know what you are thinking...it's not a truck, it's a tent.

Mr. Mac's wonderful local honey and produce, We have been buying from Mr. Mac for years and a big jar of his local honey came home with us last weekend, we buy at least two big jars of his honey a year, my son is addicted to peanut butter and honey on toast and he swears Mr. Mac's is his favorite honey, I agree, it is so good!

These sweet guys make the best BBQ!

 Oh my, the soap, I could smell this booth from thirty feet away. My daughter the handmade soap junkie came home with a huge bar of "Clean Hippie" soap, I am not even sure how to describe it other than saying...ahhhhhh...lovely.

Such a pretty display!

This will be my last Farmisan Market until this Fall, I have found that once everyone has their gardens in, my stock does not really sell very much until people start thinking about Christmas presents. I plan to be back possibly for the September market, definitely for the October market. I am planning some new spoon art, looking at different ideas, its a fun process...one that I can work on while standing in the pool enjoying the rest of this wonderful long hot summer!

The Nashville Flea Market is this weekend! I am going in with my mind open and not as focused on my "wish list" hopefully I will stumble across some fun finds!

We are in the middle of a pretty wicked Southern heat wave this week, so we are spending lots of time floating in the pool, I hope you are keeping cool and having a great week!

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