Saturday, May 13, 2017

30 for 13

Well, life continues to be on the busy side, This last month before school ends always is, but throw in kids Birthday celebrations, two proms, two graduations, end of year honors awards and school concerts on top of the usual day to day busy and trying to tackle Spring yard work, house projects and "decrapping" it has me feeling like we have been running a non stop marathon! But it will be, for the most part, over with in a couple weeks, and we should be able to enjoy some lazy summer days....well, before it all starts over again!
 A couple weekends ago, I stopped out to the shop to pick up what was left of my stock, but left with much more than just that..yes..that project reveal is still to come, but, before I ran into the shop I of course stopped into my favorite indoor flea market. Pickings were pretty slim, but I did decide to grab a pile of Melmac that has been sitting there for months. Really I only wanted the Normandy Rose plates, but it was a package deal, 30 pieces total, and with the booth running a sale, Only 13.00, 30 for 13? I figured it was time they came home with me.
I now have enough for a setting of 12. Perfect for larger outside dinner parties!
But what to do with the rest?

Well, It is pretty, and as often as we eat outside. I suppose it will all be put to good use!
I found one more treasure when I was in there, a lone piece of Jadite restaurant ware.
We spent today working in the backyard and getting my "she shack" put together, I am excited to use this new cup tomorrow morning sipping coffee in the new and improved shack!
So I keep talking about the big project I finished Easter weekend, I promise to show you that next, just have to get some good pictures taken first!
Hope you are getting to slow down and enjoy some of this beautiful Spring weather!

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