Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Busy weekend? That is an understatement.....

Well, I missed my usual blog post on Saturday night. But I do have a good excuse. Prom #2, Flower making, Strawberry Jam making, the usual house clean and grocery shop, a stop into Creative Village to help clean and take a load out, a quick indoor flea market run AND a big refurb project on a gorgeous dresser...I was one busy lady, to the point where I was happy to go to work Monday morning, just so I could sit for awhile!
More on the Jam and refurbed dresser this weekend. Tonight is all about Prom #2..this time we remembered the flowers!
Different dress for this prom, a very romantic look so I wanted to do something slightly different with the flowers. But, come Friday night, I was in a total Mom panic when I could not find the roses I planned to use anywhere. After 5 different grocery stores I accepted the fact that I would either have to run across town first thing in the morning to Trader Joes and hope they had the right roses, or change my plan.
I was tired...I changed my plan.
Plan two was inspired by one of my favorite Georgia O'Keefe paintings. Pretty white/pink roses, Baby's breath and tiny pink carnations.
I think it worked out pretty well!
His: Standard lapel flower. This time I wrapped the stem. I liked the finished look the ribbon gave it.
And hers: My Georgia O'Keefe Inspiration! Again, I wrapped the stem since the flowers were more "bouquet" like. Have I mentioned how much I loved doing this? I really did!
And they ended up matching perfectly!
They looked so wonderful! Pictures at Opry Land Hotel this time. I had to laugh at how many total strangers were asking to take their picture! we had at least four different ladies stop us and ask if they could take a picture of them as we walked through the hotel gardens. So funny!
They are awfully pretty together!
Sweetest kids ever!
I was one very proud (although exhausted) Mom.
Busy weekend led to an equally busy week so far, I have much more to show you next time, why next time? Cause right now, I am tired!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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