Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Girls day out!

For years I have been trying to drag my BFF Stacey to the Flea Market with me, and this past Friday I finally succeeded!
Full super fun girls day out, Breakfast, Flea Market, lunch, pedicures and more shopping.
What can I say, we know how to rock a day off work.
Now, Stac is a already a big garage saler and thrifter. When we both worked for the same company, we would run out and hit Goodwill and the thrift shops around our office on our lunch hours all the time, but she lives a good drive North of Nashville and had never been to the Nashville Flea market. It was time for that to change.
Sadly, we had epic thunderstorms and rain in Nashville Friday and through the weekend so the flea market was  missing quite a few vendors. But that did not matter, we still had a BLAST and scored some fun finds!
We both found super sweet vintage embroidered pillow cases. Love these pretty orange poppys!
Next I found some Hazel Atlas bowls, PINK!
And one stray blue, I am still finding myself attracted to blue lately. At 1.00 a piece, I probably should have grabbed the orange ones as well.
At another booth, I found a PINK Hazel Atlas creamer. The matching sugar bowl was nowhere to be seen, the vendor thought she may have had it, but was not positive and had no idea where it was packed away.
I can never seem to find both a sugar bowl and creamer together.
So cute! Now the sugar bowl goes on my wish list.
But, my most exciting find of the day? A serving bowl that matches the Pyrex Crazy Daisy set that I bought myself for my birthday last year!
5.00! I could not pass it up!
I was one happy girl.
Sadly, I did not think to snap pictures of Stacey's finds, well, except one.
The goat.
Stacey has a....... well, an obsession? Deep affection? For...yes, Goats.
Look at that girl grin.
A girl and her goat...a love story.
I think it is safe to say she will make the drive into Nashville for more trips through the Flea Market with me, I think I have her hooked, plus, she has to find more goats, I think she needs a flock of them.
Mint tea punch drinking flea market warriors are we!
I have to admit, the darn goat is darn cute!
 I like goats just fine, but I LOVE frogs, look at this handsome guy I found hanging out on the pool cover tonight.
I hope he hangs around once we finally get the pool open!
Hope you are having a great week!

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