Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lebanon Antiques and Uniques Expo part 2

At the first Antiques and Uniques Expo, I did not really do a lot of shopping for myself. I did walk through and a couple things appealed to me, but not the associated price tags. The only thing that really caught my eye last time was Kim's cute chamber pot. This time it was more of the same, high price tags kept my enthusiasm low.  
Ok, not really, because again my booth mate had some of the best things that I saw in the entire place and she priced within my budget. Yes, every single thing I bought, I bought from Tina, right there in my booth. And I left that day one happy girl!
I loved everything I bought, but I have to say my favorite? This small oil painting. I love this painting. It has an address in Germany written on the back, I have no idea if it is very old or worth any more than the 2.00 I spent on it, but it is priceless to me. I just love looking at it, such a peaceful picture. I just love the sweet little goat snuggled into his pile of hay!

Cannot wait to get it framed!
My next favorite has got to be the vintage wooden ironing board. I plan to use it as a table behind my couch once we get everything settled, but to be honest? It makes an AWESOME photography table! And oh the wood is so pretty. Just love it!
I used it while snapping pictures on Sunday, I was really enjoying myself!
I picked up another tobacco tin for my husband, this one is not really very old, but it is still cool. Especially for a 1.00.
And these darling napkins! I don't think the cute strawberries are made by hand, but the pretty honey suckle flowers sure look like they are. 8 of each design, I love them all!

And last but not least, Alice, the sweet lady that made my little window mouse had a booth set up as well and she sent me home with one of her little handmade carrots. It looks darling with my begonia loaded lunch box and my Hobby Lobby bunny.
All this fun stuff and I did not even spend half of my sales profits from Saturday! And I was sooooo happy with what I came home with!
Still snapping pictures of all these beautiful Spring blooms before they fade away.

Hope you are having a great week!

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