Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Friday thrifting therapy....

Ok, I managed to do it again. I meant to blog about my Good Friday thrift trip on Wednesday night. Well, I was again a bit off routine this week and totally blanked it until Thursday night...I did not actually even realize I forgot to blog until I was climbing into bed on Thursday night.
I am going to have to be more diligent about writing and following my weekly "to do" lists!
Anyway...better late than never right?
So, finally my Good Friday thrift run. And it was not a bad run! Sadly, both of my favorite local Goodwill stores and Southern thrift were a bust, but I lucked out at my favorite indoor flea market!
First, some sweet old Glasbake pieces.

Next I found super cute orange Fire King bowls, they of course, had to come home with me.
 And this darling vintage embroidered pillow case. I love, love the clover.
But I think my favorite find of the day, was this darling crock.
 I just loved this! Fit in perfectly with my collection!
Our Easter was a quiet day, it always is. Easter baskets for the kids and lots of good food.  I  love making a big deal out of the meal and table. So I brought out the Jadeite again, and went overboard on the flowers!

But, then it was so gorgeous outside, we grabbed the Fire King honey suckle plates instead and headed outside to eat on the pallet table! It turned out to be a really lovely night! Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!
Local strawberries are finally ready here in Middle TN,  I will make sure to hit a local farm stand this week before they are gone. Cannot do without my homemade strawberry jam! Our weather has been so erratic that I am afraid we will have a short growing season. I think this is the first time in years that I can remember the strawberries being ready before the peonies have even bloomed. Such a strange spring we are having!
Seems like summer time is barreling our way at top speed! Will be Memorial day before we know it!
Hope you have a great week!



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