Saturday, April 1, 2017

My return to the Nashville Flea Market

It has been a long time since I have missed more than one month of hitting the Nashville Flea Market, but I managed to miss December, January AND February, so I was very happy to finally be going last weekend!
Could not have asked for better weather and we had a really lovely stroll through the market. It was a very relaxed trip. I did not even really have anything specific in mind to look for, but I still managed to walk away with some fun treasures!

My Mom gifted me with her little leather library the Christmas before last. The ones she gave me had the brown leather covers, so when I saw these in the pretty red leather covers, I had to grab them.
And another fashion print. I love these pretty prints! This one makes my 4th, I guess that is an official collection now right?
And another tobacco tin for my husband's collection. This one may be my favorite of the three.

 And bowls...always bowls. I have a serious problem passing up bowls. I have a set of the Pyrex Woodland Cinderella bowls, but I love the standard bowls. This set is missing the largest bowl, but that is just fine, I love the smaller sizes and tend to use them the most.

And who can pass up a pretty Fire King yellow bowl? Obviously not me!

Today was the Antiques and Uniques Expo in Lebanon. Ice Cream people were not sad. But the BBQ people were and it was FAB! Sales were ok, again, not the amount of sales that I usually do for shows like this, but, that was ok because again, I had a wonderful time chatting with other artists, brainstorming ideas and shopping...yes, I did a lot more shopping than I did last time.
I spent quite a sizeable chunk of my profits!
And it was totally worth it!
But more about that later this week!
Hope you are having as much fun this weekend as I have had!

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