Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Love at first sight....

Some months ago, I stopped into Creative Village to drop off some stock. As we were visiting and I set out stock, I noticed that they had a new display piece. This gorgeous old Highboy Dresser,  I immediately fell in love with it, the beautiful wood, the elegant shape, and was tickled that my stock was displayed on top of it.
So when I found out they were closing, I asked if I could buy it, we ended up bartering, and we both ended up happy!
But it needed a little work. Someone had started to paint it, only one side was painted, that had to come off. So, home it came with me and I started to work on it right away, pulling it apart and prepping it. I was that excited!
Up first thing Sunday Morning (Not Easter Sunday...I think it was the weekend after, I a losing track of my weekends) slapped a nice thick layer of orange gel stripper down, man, that stuff works miracles, and smells just lovely!

After 5 minutes the paint (thankfully just one layer) began wiping off very easily, hardly any scraping required.
This is after less than a half hour work.

The top was pretty gloopy, so I did a quick strip of that as well.

Good scrub to get all the residue off and it looked this clean!
Structurally it is solid, one drawer has some issues, but other than that, it is in great shape.
So, after the paint was stripped off and it got a good bath in murphy oil soap and a heavy rub of good furniture wax, I switched out the glass knobs with what I think is more like original brass knobs and put the mirror back onto it to bring it inside.
And I swoon every time I walk by it. I may also have to run my hand along the top every time I walk by, ya, I am in love.
That fabulous old mirror, beautiful worn wood, loaded up with my vintage Pyrex and glass ware, it is a perfect and gorgeous storage solution in my kitchen. And it fits in just perfectly.
Can you tell that I just love it?
And, it forced me to do a big "de crap" and re arrange in my kitchen. Win/win!
I love bringing a vintage piece back to life and making it useful again!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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