Saturday, July 9, 2016

Just a little thrifting...

During the summertime when the kids are out of school I like to take random days off and just hang out with them. I was very lucky over the 4th of July that my company decided to close both on Friday and Monday, so add on one vacation day and I had a nice supersized weekend to hang with my kids. Well, kid, the big kid is old enough now to be at work, and he has a pretty poppin social life, so it turned out to be more girls time. But we girls are like peas and carrots and always have a blast.
Running around Nashville, lunch at the grilled Cheeserie (best grilled cheese in Nashville) McKays bookstore,  shopping at World Market for gourmet root beer then floating in the pool while sipping said gourmet root beer and of course some crafting and thrifting.
This is one of the soda's we grabbed at World Market, omg, this was the most amazing tasting soda. I am definitely going back for more. So good.
We really had a practically perfect weekend.
Not that we found a lot thrifting, but we had a darn good time doing it!
Best buy of the weekend, Mint Julep cups! I have been looking for these for a long time. Goodwill find, two bucks a piece, I got four of them. They are silver plate, and I am thrilled with them! Cannot wait to fill them with beautiful tiny roses!
The coolest enamel mushroom pot. Mint condition, until I dropped the lid and damaged the enamel. Dammit....but still love it and have used it several times already. I have two Fire King casserole dishes mint condition with their lids, same design. Love the 70's mushrooms.
Napco milk glass vase, this is going to get some pink hydrangeas and burlap roses, I think it will make a good arrangement for one for craft shows this fall!
Another cute little butter crock! No problem filling this up with more vintage silverware.
The coolest little tea diffuser! Sitting at the same Goodwill with the Mint Julep cups, .99, cant beat it!
And a moustache cup, again a Goodwill find, I like to use them as tooth brush holders, into the bathroom it went!
I keep all my metal stampers in an old handmade tool box, but they are always rolling around. I spotted this little enamelware box? I don't know, but it is a nice old heavy enamelware and it is the perfect size to keep my stamps corralled. 2.00, totally worth it. And, I have another larger one, now they will both be going into my toolbox.
I found a light kit at Hobby Lobby to light up a mason jar, so I grabbed another vintage blue jar, the light does not fit perfectly, but a little burlap ribbon around the top and we are good to go! I really loved how it turned out. I may have to run back and get another kit. They are cool!
And an Ebay buy...we decided to add some cool old Monopoly pieces to add to our vintage game collection.
I have yet to put an air plant in my pretty blue bottle, I keep popping little hydrangeas in there, I love how this looks on my window sill. 

I am looking forward to another long weekend this week, Vacation time for another girls day and getting ready for a summer pool party for my daughter and her best buds. We are having a good time surfing Pinterest looking for fun pool party food ideas, so much fun! Cannot wait to see how it all comes together.
And...I think I will be able to sneak in some more thrifting as well!
hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

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