Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Sunflowers bring all the bees to the yard.....

Sorry, bad humor. I am easily amused.
Well, it is that time of year again. The time of year when I become obsessed with my Sunflowers and Morning Glory's and you have to suffer through picture after picture of them
Suffer? No way. Who suffers from looking at a glorious Sunflower?
Not me, that is for sure.

This heirloom variety has several sunflowers blooming in a bunch on one stem. I really wish I had kept track of which ones they were...dang my disorganized gardening habits.
Oh the color on this one. So beautiful.

Sunshine yellow.
I like to think this is a sunflower Van Gogh would have been moved to paint.

I promise I will get back to projects soon. Too hot for everything, even to hit the flea market, too busy and too unmotivated. Did I mention too hot? Stinking hot here in the South. Not to mention I ended up entertaining kids all last weekend. No complaints, it was a lot of fun. A pool party for my sweet daughter and some of her best girlfriends on Saturday night, and another impromptu, very last minute pool party for my son and 5 of his best friends from the football team Sunday night. I estimated that I had approximately 1,500 lbs of 17 year old boy in the pool, they are all big college football bound boys. Then I had to feed them all. And boy can 17 year old football players eat.
wow. Good thing was clean up was easy, there was nothing but dirty plates to rinse off and load in the dishwasher, they killed off all the food. 15 16" loaves of Jimmy Johns bread, 5 lbs of assorted deli meat, cheese, condiments, fruit, chips and cookies. But I was happy to do it. These are really exceptional kids and I love having them around. I will miss them all next year when they all go off to college, it breaks my heart just thinking about them no longer playing together anymore. Sniff, sniff.
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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