Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feeling a little blue....

We are talking color preferences here, not moods.
Normally, I am not really drawn to blue. Cars, housewares even clothes. I have very little blue. Don't get me wrong, I like blue, but I just never seen to be very drawn to it.
But lately, I find that blue is jumping out at me.
For example, yesterday, before we dropped into Creative Village to drop stock, we did our usual run through my favorite indoor flea market. Not a lot to be found, but this little chippy blue plate caught my attention.
Its got a couple pretty good knicks in it, but I paid so little, it does not really matter. Anyway, who does not love a pretty chippy blue plate?
It appears to be a good quality, The pattern is very pretty.

I love it. Perfect size for some homemade English Muffin bread. Pinterest recipe and a total winner! So good!
I also found this lovely blue Glasbake bowl at the local Goodwill. I actually got this a couple weeks ago. But it immediately went into my kitchen workhorse stable and I felt like I had had it forever. I forgot to get its picture.
 These coupled with the beautiful blue rose Limoges plate and the turquoise Pyrex dish in the last month make four blue purchases.
I guess I got a blue thing going on.
Not that blue is the only thing I am looking for, while Ebaying , (I did miss the flea market this month after all, so  I figured I was due a little online shopping) found this fabulous orange Hazel Atlas  pitcher that just needed to come live with me, 16.00 included shipping, a little pricey, but not too bad as far as I am concerned.

I think anyone that collects Jadeite would LOVE to get one in Jadeite, but the Jadeite is a bit outside my price range, so I will be happy with my Hazel Atlas instead.
The only other thing I picked up yesterday was this cute  little dish. I think it is the bottom of a fridgie. But it was the perfect size serving dish  for some rosemary nuts I  whipped up today for super bowl snacking!.
Another Pinterest recipe.
So good!
Things seem to be calming down a bit around here finally. My son chose and signed on to a great college to  play football, I seem to be winning the war with my head cold and the general drama that has been following me around like a dark cloud lately seems to be breaking up.
About time!
Enjoying a beautiful sunny mild day here in Middle TN this weekend, this weather could sticks around for awhile as far as I am concerned!
 Hope you have a great week ahead of you!

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  1. lovely and so proud for your son - I am with you the weather could stick around a little longer - would not hurt my feelings :)