Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Those random odds and ends.....

I love to read.
I am always flipping through magazines, reading articles online and of course I typically have a book or two in process at any given time.
Which is why I cannot for the life of me remember where I read the article about spoon pins. Southern Living? Martha Stewart? I am sure it was a magazine, no idea. But when I saw the article and read the story? I was charmed and knew I needed to have one to add to my vintage pin collection. Granted, my vintage pin collection consists of vintage rhinestone pins, so the spoon pin is a bit of a departure, but, I love a little variety.
What are spoon pins? Glad you asked. They are tiny replica's (some less than 2 inches long) of flatware patterns given away as a sales hook or included as a gift when you registered for your wedding china and flatware back as far as the late 30's and into the early 60's from what I could find in my research. Some were made of very cheap metal, but many were sterling silver.
So because I am lazy and like instant gratification...I checked out Ebay, and found hundreds.
Is this not so cute?

Look! A tiny gravy boat in the bowl of the tiny spoon!
 This one is sterling, just about two inches long and set me back a whopping 12.00 including shipping.  SO CUTE! I have already worn it a couple times and each time I have had someone comment on how cute it is and ask what it is. Seems like everyone that asks is just as charmed by the story as well. I think it is such a sweet idea.
You just never know what random odds and ends catch my attention.
Hope you are having a wonderfully random week!

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