Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not taking it easy anymore.....

Nope, not taking it easy anymore.
I have been hammering away furiously every night so far this week in order to get all new stock ready for the Flea/Craft market on March 11. With the noise from me blaring Metallica while I hammer away, my neighbors are probably going to be really happy when I finish up this weekend as well. I wear ear protection when I hammer, so I gotta turn my tunes up....loud. I should probably put my music on my ipod and use my ear buds.
I am still using a boom box. Yes, I am still an 80's girl at heart.
In my defense I try to finish hammering before 7:30 and I keep the garage door at least the noise is muffled?
No one has far.
I should have all the new herb markers finished this weekend and then I will jump right into sentiment spoons, signs and maybe even a new flower arrangement or two?
Call me a cockeyed optimist, I am sure I can get it all done!
Hope you are having a quieter week than I am!

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