Saturday, February 18, 2017

Take it easy....

So far 2017 has been pretty darn busy.
I have been pushing myself to stick to a "de crap" the house schedule, as well as get cranking on new stock (failing there), along with juggling every thing that we have had come up in the last two months. All of that along with a nasty cold virus that hit everyone in our house in the last two weeks, has me feeling, well....a little worn out. So this weekend, I decided to take it easy. easy as I take things.
So today, we went to have breakfast and visit with my sister and brother in law, bought flowers at Trader Joes, then just headed home. Not a lot of errands and running around (ok, mostly because I got that done last week) and  then we just puttered around the house.
And it was a lovely re charge. Something about just puttering around the house on a cloudy rainy day with an old movie playing on the TV that works so well to re charge ones batteries.

I arranged flowers, baked some more English Muffin bread, made crab salad and Blood orange lemonade, then baked cupcakes.
I may also have gotten a few loads of laundry done and made dinner, but it was all at a leisurely pace. May sound like a busy crazy day. But when you get all of that done at "puttering speed" it does not really feel like much.
Bruno was a bit unhappy with me, he would have rather that I sat on the couch and watched movies with him.
He spent his day parked on the couch, on top of his blankets with Bogie and Bacall movies playing. Ah, the life of a pampered Pug.
But this is going to be my last "take it easy" day for a little while. I have been asked to join a couple other Creative Village artists at a booth for a new monthly indoor flea market and craft show in our neighboring city of Lebanon TN on March 11th. We are going to give it a try before committing to doing more this year, but I have to admit I am pretty excited! Looks like there is the possibility of this being a really great little monthly market!
Did I mention it was indoor? Oh yes, that is certainly a bonus.
So the hammering, glass grinding and flower making will kick into high gear again starting tomorrow.
But I certainly enjoyed my "take it easy" day!
Hope you get to take it easy this weekend as well!

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