Saturday, February 25, 2017


After my mother in laws passing last month, we are just now beginning to sort through the contents of her house. The house itself is staying in the family, so we do not have the huge task of emptying everything out and getting it ready to sell, but we all have things left to us and each are also taking some memento's to remember her by.
Her house was built in the 60's and of course she had a lot of mid century there, knowing that I love all thing's vintage, she left me some things specifically.
Like her vintage rhinestone jewelry. So pretty!

She also knew how much I loved McCoy frogs, so she left me her two McCoy frog lotus planters. Love them!
And this lovely Occupied Japan cottage Tea set. This originally belonged to Grandmother Adeline.

After a little research, I fond it is missing the matching butter dish and covered cheese dish.
Yup, already been out on Ebay looking for the missing pieces. They will all be back together soon!
Such a sweet set!
We also have this beautiful chalk drawing done by a street artist of her in the 50's when she was a nursing student in New Orleans. I have always loved this drawing of her. She was so beautiful.
Working on some sign projects for the Antiques and Flea market next month. Always lots of fun trying new things! Hopefully I will have one ready to show you later this week!
Hope you are enjoying some beautiful winter sunshine this weekend!

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