Sunday, March 5, 2017

And a few more signs and things....

So, I spent the majority of yesterday putting together more signs and embellishing some of the ones I made last week.
I have to tell you, the signs are fun to make!
But these two have got to be my favorite by far.
What the Fork?

Ok, I think they are funny, hopefully someone else will as well!
I also made a few more "city" signs.

And these were actually my husbands idea. A tiny bird feeder. The seed goes into the bowl of the spoon, and the birds can perch on the fork. I would be ok if these did not sell, cause I really like them and will happily keep them myself!

And one more candle holder. I think these are fun. Another one I would be just fine keeping if it does not sell!
I tweaked these signs as well, found the most darling little hoe at Hobby Lobby and I love how it looks!
This one needed a flower!

 Still lots to do this week to get everything ready, but I think I will have a pretty nice supply of stock for the market on Saturday, I am hoping this will be a successful venue!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. Love, Love - my favorite is the What the Fork - very clever :)