Saturday, March 25, 2017

Finally a real taste of spring.....

So far, we have not had nicest Spring. A lovely warm snap, followed by several killing frosts that wiped out most of our usual Spring blossoms. This included the Bradford Pear blossoms and since I am highly allergic to them, I was just fine with the trade off. I detest Bradford Pear trees, sadly, most everyone around here seems to love them, I swear there are two in every yard.
Not my yard...Yuck.
But today we actually had a nice Spring day, perfect for wandering around the Nashville Flea Market, and perfect for just enjoying...well...Spring!
In the last week the Wood Violets in my yard bloomed, they seem to have doubled in number since last year so I was down on my hands and knees taking pictures and snipping a few blooms before they fade out. Their "season" is just too short for me, I wish they bloomed all summer long!

I love how they looked tucked into a vintage aluminum cup I picked up a couple years ago at the Nashville Flea Market.

We found several little treasures at the Nashville Flea Market this morning, one of  which were some gorgeous fresh strawberries, Florida strawberries. Our TN strawberries are still a few months away.

But these tasted pretty darn wonderful with some fresh homemade whipped cream.

Once I get myself organized I will have to show you some of my finds from the Flea market today. This week I will be hammering out more herb spoons in preparation for the Lebanon Antiques and Unique's Expo on April 1st.  I decided to do the show one more time, but am only bringing the spoons, that is all that sold last time, why bother lugging the other stuff in. I am interested to see if they is a better market, lets hope the weather cooperates this time.
We sure did enjoy our first trip back to the Flea Market since November, oh how I missed it!
Hope you are enjoying some beautiful Spring weather this weekend as well!

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