Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lebanon Antiques and Uniques Expo

Turned out to be more of a bust than a boom.
This is a fairly new event, it began this past November and, according to the other vendors there, it has done nothing but grow since. They started with only a handful of vendors. This month was full up, and next month has a waiting list of at least 10 vendors the last time I looked.
But, we had snow that morning. For the most part, Southerners don't venture out in the snow. Foot traffic ended up being non existent in the morning, but decent most of the afternoon...but people were looking more than buying. I ended up packing up at 4:00 and heading home. They were open until 5:00.
There were more "Antiques" than anything else. And they certainly were not priced at "Flea Market" prices. I only made a little over 120.00 during the entire show.  Slow day for me in that type of venue. Per usual I sold a lot of the herb markets and sentiment spoons, but only one sign sold. We actually ended up with two booths (book keeping accident) so we had plenty of room to spread out. Our three little tables looked pretty good together. But let me tell you, getting all of our stuff in to set up and out again? A pain in the butt. Vendor parking was not good either. Thumbs down on that portion of the show.
Tried to get a decent shot of the entire main area. other than this, there were food vendors out in the adjacent hallway. Inside it was a really nice area, great for shows like this.
Oh...the food vendors? They were awesome! BBQ and Homemade Ice YUM! There were other snacks and plenty of baked goods as well. We did not go hungry.

Our little area. Both of my booth partners brought some "Antiques" to sell. Both sold more "Antiques" than craft's.
The little dollhouse with the furniture? Sold...FAST.
Kim makes the coolest concrete art. Succulents grow so well in her little planters.
Tina always has cool stuff! She had some pretty cool vintage as well, I fought the urge to buy her pyrex vine bowl and spice jars off her. They went pretty quickly!
I was pretty pleased with how my table looked.

Lots of interest and compliments on the signs, WT Fork got a lot of attention, no buyers. Sigh. At one point I had decided not to do the show again next month, but, thinking about it, I may change my mind. If I do, I will only bring spoons and maybe a sign or two, and probably mix in some of Kim's planters since she is booked into another show that weekend and our stuff really goes well together. But we will see. I need to get some sleep before I make up my mind for sure.
But I did not leave the show empty handed. Although I was good and resisted (several) bowls and more spice jars, there was one thing I could  not pass on.
But I will show you that later this week!
Hope Spring ahead does not kick your butt this week like it will most likely kick mine!

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