Saturday, November 8, 2014

Embrace your scars, accept your faults.

Good advice for people and furniture alike. 

I have been beating myself up trying to strip this little chair,getting every bit of old paint off of it (found out that the four coats of paint were holding it together in places-oops) finally  I asked my self, Why am I doing this? I don't want this chair to look brand new, I want it to look like what it is, a sweet little old chair that has been around the block a few times, I wanted to see the beauty in her age.

So I stopped trying to strip the years away. I smoothed and sanded what I thought I should. took apart and glued back together, painted the pretty ivory color I had originally imagined, distressed again, letting some of the old layers of black and yellow (even some blue) paint peep through.

 I am happy with how it turned out. I even gave her a new little bit of bling. She is a lovey addition to my kitchen.

I think the imperfections make my little chair, well, perfect.

It was a chilly day here, perfect excuse to drag out some of my French china, English tea and Mimi Thorisson's new book "A Kitchen in France" I am addicted to her beautiful blog Manger, her book is as beautiful as her blog, you have to take a minute to check her out. What a lovely family living in a story book like place. Makes me want to go to France more than ever.

 Bruno decided to get into the photo shoot this morning, he did not get enough "Mama time" this week and did not like getting shooed away or ignored, but I don't think he enjoyed becoming the subject of my photography either. That face, he kills me.

It has been such a crazy week it even put me behind on blog posts. I had planned to post again on Wednesday, but bad weather Tuesday caused a gridlock on my commute home and had me sitting on the highway until 7:00 and accidents did that same thing on Wednesday. My new job has a less than desirable commute, so I have adjusted my schedule so I can come in earlier and leave earlier so I can hopefully avoid some of the awful traffic in metro Davidson county at rush hour.

I am almost down to the bottom of my box of silverware stock, I will be hammering out the last few spoons and knives this week and should be all ready for the "Home for the Holidays" craft show next weekend. This is my first time at a craft show of this size, I even dragged my mom in to work the show with me and sell some of her cute hand knit hats and we are both really excited to participate!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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