Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What can you say about vintage insulators?

Tell me, how exactly did vintage insulators become such a hot collectable? I mean, they are just pieces of glass that used to be on telephone poles, what on earth (other than their beautiful colors) makes them so interesting?

Well....I don't know, but I have to admit, I have my own little collection. I did not intend to collect them, but I guess they are like cats...you get one..then you find you have to have another, and another....and another.

When I lived in Wisconsin, I used to drive down hwy PD to get to my best friends house, as you drove down this little two lane highway there was a line of telephone poles and if it was the right time of the day, the sun would hit them and they would glow like beautiful topaz jewels, I always remember loving that view as I drove, I guess that memory is what attracted me to the vintage insulators. I found my first insulator at my favorite indoor flea market, and after that one, it seemed saw insulators everywhere I went. I love how they glow in my kitchen window. So beautiful.

I love the simple things like these silly insulators that make me smile.

Nashville Flea Market is this weekend, maybe I will get lucky and find a purple one, you never know! 

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