Saturday, November 22, 2014

Relaxing at the flea

Does that not sound crazy? Relaxing at the flea market? But, over the last couple years, going to the flea market has become just that. My relaxation. I stroll down isle after isle of vendor booths, enjoying the early morning sunshine (or rain) and finding all sorts of treasures and fun things for my home, garden or inspiration for craft projects.  I have come to really enjoy chatting with and learning from the people I meet there, especially the vendors who appreciate and love some these vintage items as much as I do.

Some things I see over and over and over again, like the ubiquitous marbles in a jar and Prince Albert in a can.

Some things make me smile because I remember seeing them growing up.

Others make me want to go home immediately, set a pretty table and have tea and lunch.

or even grab my hammer and make some sentiment spoons.

And sometimes....ok, well I have no explaination for this, except that it is a bed tray, in really good condition and the perfect size to set my ipad on while I am lounging in bed . Another fruity find and not my usual taste but, I am not gonna lie...I love it. Even if I feel compelled to justify it. What do they say one justification a day keeps the Dr away? Ok, maybe that is just what I say-lol.

I had a lovely morning at the flea market with my kids today. We found several treasures and had lots of laughs, I hope that when they are grown up and on their own, they remember mornings like we had today with fond memories and smile.

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