Saturday, November 1, 2014

Perfect weather for Chenille

I love Chenille. 

Beautiful, warm, perfect to snuggle under. How could you not love it?

A few years ago, I stumbled across a chenille baby blanket, excellent condition in an antique store in East Tennessee. Not bargain priced but not expensive enough to put me off it. I love the baby blankets, they are the perfect size to throw over your lap while you read a book or watch a movie. It took no time at all for my kids to "adopt" that first one I found. So.. I started keeping my eye out so that they would each have one of their own.

It did not take long before we all had one of our own, Now we are up to seven in all, one even has  a darling matching pillow case. And of course I had to find one for Bruno to sleep on.

On our last trip to our favorite indoor flea market we found yet another blanket, the one pictured above with the cute bunny. This one was a bargain price and we snapped it up to add to our stash.

 A friend of my mothers made this darling teddy bear out of rosebud chenille for my daughter when she was born, It was an instant family heirloom.

The weather has finally turned chilly here, but with the sunshine, it was perfect to sit outside on the pallet couch with a book, blanket and cookies.

"The Hobbit" My favorite book in the world. I think I have five different copies of it now.

Bruno always joins me on our pallet couch...darn, this picture would have been Hallmark card perfect if I had my camera at the right angle.

I have not even touched on all the full sized chenille quilts I have...honestly, I am not sure how many I have both in use and in the cutter bag. I am determined that eventually I will make my cutters into a big patchwork chenille quilt. I suppose that means I need to actually sit at the sewing machine and really learn how to sew. Sigh, of all my hobbies.....sewing is not one of them.

We expect to have our first freeze here in TN, time to climb under a chenille and keep warm!

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