Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Flea Market

Well, we are getting down to it. Next month will be the last flea market I hit until March or April depending on weather. The Nashville Flea Market runs year round, but over the winter time there are not a ton of vendors that have the type of things that I collect. So...I will be getting my fix this winter at the my favorite indoor flea market or (when I get desperate) ebay.

But, the last couple flea markets of the year are usually AWESOME. And this month was no exception! 

You can find just about everything at the Nashville Flea market, these beautiful mums were huge and gorgeous!!

Vintage Blow Molds were everywhere you looked.

I finally found a reasonably priced lotus bowl to replace the one I smashed into 1000 pieces. You can see by the light, I was at the market early!

Lots and lots of Pyrex...not at bargain prices.

Pyrex Heaven...again, not cheap but this dealer is good about working with you on the price.

Snapped up these Hazel Atlas mugs for a buck each!

Do I even need to caption this? Oh yes...I spent some time at this table.

One of my favorite vendors, Deb and Daughter had this adorable jewelry box, I don't believe it is very old, but it is very pretty and I picked it up for a decent price. Deb mainly paints furniture and her stuff is...well just wow. They are both very talented ladies! Deb has set up a booth at the Farmisan market the last few months as well...coolest booth in the parking lot.

Lots and lots of vintage linens to be found, but, most of the tablecloths I find are priced pretty high.

I picked up several more things that I did not get a chance to photograph, I will get to those this weekend. But all in all it was another enjoyable trip to the market and I walked out with plenty of treasures. I am sure glad that I am an early riser, when I got to the market, maybe a quarter of the parking lot was full...and I was disgusted thinking I got there too the time I left? The ENTIRE parking lot and the overflows were FULL, they had cars lined waiting on the road in front of the entrance trying to get in, I had trouble getting OUT of the parking lot! And this is a very large venue with lots of parking. Needless to say, next month I am going to get there a half hour earlier than I did this month just to make sure I avoid the masses.

Hope you are having a great week!

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