Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fried Green Tomatoes

I am not originally from the south, but never had a problem adopting southern food. I love it ALL. Well....almost all, lets just say...most.

 In the spring I could never bring myself to pluck one of my tomatoes to fry,
 but in the fall? No problem. Until I moved south I had never had the opportunity to try a fried green tomato that I recall, not a big menu item in WI. But it only took one try and I was hooked.

I love how my green tomatoes match the green bowl I picked up during my last flea market run. Less than two weeks to the next market..yes I am counting down.

I even use the recipe from the book/movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" one of my favorite movies of all time I might add. I still remember seeing it for the first time on a weekend trip to Iowa with my best friend Laura and her sweet mom, I think of them every time I see the movie...or eat fried green tomatoes. 

Oh and these were a really good batch!

Hope your having a great week so far!

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