Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Cause

As everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Like many woman, breast cancer screening and awareness is a cause close to my heart, I hope everyone is going pink and doing what they can to raise awareness. I know I am!

October is also adopt a shelter dog month, pet adoption is another cause close to my heart. Growing up, I always loved dogs, but owned cats. Not long after we married my husband "adopted" a German Shepherd mix, I say "adopted" but rescued off the street is more accurate. He had been put out by his "owner" because they just did not want to be bothered with taking care of him. This person was actually living in our neighborhood at the time and just let the poor animal roam while the neighbors took care of feeding and letting him stay with them when they could. When we left that neighborhood and moved into our home here, he came with us. I had three cats at the time and was not overly thrilled with our new addition, but he was a good dog and needed a home badly, I could not turn him away and I am glad I did not. Bubba was definitely my husbands dog, but he was very protective of me and as they arrived, both of our children. They loved him dearly. He was with us sixteen years before he passed away, he may have had an uncertain start, but he lived a good happy long life with us. 

A couple years before Bubba passed we adopted another dog, a pit mix this time. Daisy came from a family member that just could not care for a high energy strong as hell five year old pit mix, so home she came with us. My cats were gone by this time and Daisy stole my heart. She was a handful at first, but improved diet, a lot of regular exercise and daily routines turned her into a well behaved very affectionate and loving girl. She is my sweet girl and I love her dearly.

After Bubba passed, we decided to get another dog to keep Daisy company, I was set on a Pug and decided that this would be my bucket list puppy. But, that was not to be. My son found our Bruno on a pet adoption site, only nine months old and needing a new home after his first family surrendered him. Well, he was not the tiny puppy I imagined for us, but under a year was close enough, he needed a home. He is everything a Pug is supposed to be and truly my precious baby boy. He annoys my sweet Daisy, but she is a good girl and puts him in his place as needed. I treasure them both.

Vintage Robinson Ransbottom pottery dog bowls. Two of them found at the Goodwill, and one at the Nashville Flea Market. I actually have one that says "Kitty" as well, it was just too sweet to leave behind. I love how I have a dog bowl to represent each of my beloved dogs.

Adoption is not for everyone, and donations to shelters for both dogs and cats is a wonderful way to help,  but If you are ever considering bringing a dog into your life, I hope you consider adoption and visit your local shelter first.  Adopting a shelter dog is a very rewarding experience, they know when they have been rescued, and the bond that forms is precious.I have yet to regret adopting any of my fur babies!

Happy first day of October! Go Pink!!!

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  1. awww - what cool bowls - I am so glad that you found Meatloaf aka Bruno :)