Friday, October 3, 2014

A new chair project. What??

I had no intention of picking up a new project to tackle. I  just finished the chairs I picked up this past July last night (pictures to come tomorrow) and I had no desire to start another project other than finding and refinishing picture frames for the prints I plan to sell at the November Craft fair. I am determined to wrap up some half finished projects and get some of my new treasures settled in the house before I head back to work later this month.

But, I had a few minutes to kill before picking my daughter up from school, and there is the cutest little flea market not far from her school and as I walked up I saw this chair, and I just had to have it. It was exactly what I was looking for to put into my kitchen, small, sturdy,lots of character and a nice low price tag.

Lots of chippy old paint to come off, heavy layers that pulled easily away, I have no idea what color I am going to paint it, I think once I get it cleaned up I will shop the paint isle and see what inspires me. I know this little project will not take me two and a half months to complete, I am too excited to get it into my kitchen!

The chair was actually found at my second stop for the day, First stop was my favorite indoor flea market, it is just five minutes down the road from my favorite Thai restaurant where I was meeting one of my most treasured best friends for lunch, I was surprised that I found so little in there today, only one thing jumped out at me, this laurel Fire King platter, not a pattern I remember seeing before in my travels, but it caught my eye and I have a serious weakness for Fire King and at 3.00 I knew I would easily get my money out of it, I will definitely put it into my everyday use rotation.

I am thrilled with how my Goodwill chairs turned out and am excited to get the pictures of them taken and posted tomorrow.

Happy Friday night!

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