Monday, October 6, 2014

The end of tomato season

Often, I am pulling the last of my tomatoes off the vine's a week or two before Thanksgiving, lining the window sills with under ripe tomatoes trying to enjoy every last one of them. But, this year my vines are looking pretty poor and after the cool weekend we just had here in middle Tennessee I suspect this year that will not be the case and I think I may help them along by pulling them up early.

I grow my tomatoes from seeds ordered from every year. In my opinion they are the best source for everything heirloom in the garden and I have been buying the Black Cherry tomato seeds from them for several years now. I always start to miss them by February.
I think I will toss these beauties with the last of my fresh Basil some vinaigrette, spread some herbed ricotta on a loaf of French bread with some prosciutto and the perfect fast Monday night dinner is born.
Have a great week!


  1. That sounds fantabulous for dinner and they are so pretty

    1. You know I am all about the easy weeknight dinners! You will have to put up with me whining about missing my tomatoes in February!