Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are you ready to plant your garden?

I may be ready, but I am not sure the weather is ready to let me yet.

Another hard frost last night, not that I would have started planting yet myself, I tend to hold off until the end of April or first week in May. But DANG, enough already with the freezes, lets have some Spring breezes already!

I finally got around to ordering my seeds, this is the first year in I can't remember how long that I skipped all the veggies. Last couple years I have not had the best turnout with my veg, so, I decided to give my garden a break and just plant flowers. Maybe I will go back to my veggies next year.

So this year, I am all about the flowers.

Have you checked out Baker Creek yet? I have been ordering from them for about 15 years short....I love them. Best selection of Heirloom everything around.

And they even sent me a free pack, I may be skipping growing my veggies this year, but I am never skipping out on my herbs. Basil, chives, thyme and sage oh how I have missed them in my kitchen. In the summertime I think I use fresh chives and basil several times a week. 

I cannot wait for summer tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil on good French bread or summer tomatoes and fresh Cilantro for the best fresh salsa ever. Dang, I wonder if I made a mistake skipping planting my tomatoes?

Cannot wait for these beautiful Sunflowers!

I have yet to have any luck with Poppies, but this year, lets see what happens.

Zinnia's and Dahlia's My favorites.

Any my Morning Glories, did I say Zinnia's and Dahlias were my favorite? Ok, well, maybe they are all my favorites!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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