Saturday, April 25, 2015

I must have flowers, always and always~Claude Monet

I must have flowers, always and always~
Claude Monet

I agree with Monsieur Monet  100%.

A weekly indulgence, I buy myself flowers. And every week I snap pictures trying to catch their beauty before they fade.

This week it was roses again. They looked so beautiful in the light this morning.

Oh, they are so beautiful, I just love flowers.

 Even the ones that make me sneeze, like every flowering tree in Middle TN.

Have I mentioned I have been making wind chimes? I sold one at the Farmisan Market last weekend and brought this one to Creative Village today, but I have a few more to build this week. Not only is it a good use for the many knives I have in my stash, I have found that they are pretty fun to make, combining both my love of beads and flatware. 

 and they sure looked pretty hanging in the flowering crab apple tree.

Did I mention I loved flowers?

Hope you are having a wonderful spring flower filled weekend!

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