Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Easter Table

 I love Martha Stewart.

I know it is not a popular opinion and people love to hate her, so say what you will about Martha, but I just love her. I have been a fan for almost 20 years. Loved her shows, her magazine, website and blog and a lot of her products. I think the reason I have stayed a fan is because I know I could never copy her lifestyle,  and I never tried, but I am constantly inspired  by her and I tailor what I like to fit my lifestyle~and budget. 

It works for me.

I loved the Easter table setting in the April edition of Martha Stewart Living, I have a pretty decent collection of Jadeite so I decided to create my own version of her Easter table setting.

It is just the four of us for  Easter dinner, not a big affair, but as usual, I insist on a pretty table.

Usually I use Grandmother Adeline's yellow flower dishes for Easter, but I really loved the look of the purple flowers with the green Jadeite plates. And actually, most of the Jadeite came from Grandmother Adeline as well. So I am still using Grandmothers dishes!

Love my Lefton bunnies, it was fun to add them to the table setting.

And as always, I love digging into my mixed set of flatware.

The crystal glasses are a new addition, I found them at my favorite indoor flea market and thought they would look great with the Jadeite.

I love this pretty butter knife, it is one of my favorite orphans.

We had a lovely quiet Easter, Hope yours was wonderful as well!

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