Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vintage pretty ladies things

We are heading to a friends wedding this weekend, and while planning what I wanted to wear, I realized how many vintage pretty "ladies things" I actually have.

I decided to wear a basic black dress so I could get away with as many of my vintage accessories as I could. I love the beaded 1960 clutch, not something I can get away with using everyday so I am excited to carry it tonight.

I have a minor obsession with vintages brooches, I have quite a collection now, and I do wear them all the time. Scarves and brooches, my favorite accessories.

For the wedding, I decided to go with my pearl brooch, but it was a very tough call. If I could get away with both I would.

Animal activists, avert your eyes, because, yes I even have some vintage minks.

 I love the mink wrap, It is one of my favorite pieces, it dates back to around late 1930's, the collar's I am not so sure, they are a mix, I think some are older but some are probably 1950's I love wearing them with a rhinestone brooch and a sweater.

I decided to tuck a vintage hankie in my purse as well, and was a little shocked to see just how many vintage hankies I have...ummm...a lot.

A little better shot of my wrap. I was hoping to wear it to a musical and dinner out with my girlfriends this past winter but we never did decide on a show, but this winter for sure!

Well I better get my pretty "ladies" things on and get ready for this wedding!

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring weekend!

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