Sunday, May 31, 2015

If at first you don't succeed...

I hammer a lot of spoons, so as you can imagine, I screw a few up.  And of course it never fails, I screw up one that I think is gorgeous. At first when I would screw up I would cuss up a storm, throw it in a box with the other screw ups and move on to the next spoon. 

My first attempt at trying to make something of my screw ups were the key chains. And they worked pretty well and sold pretty well. Then one day I screwed up a spoon I REALLY liked. I was to say the least very, very unhappy with myself.

So I tossed it in the screw up box, then pulled it right out again, cut off handle and made myself what has become my favorite necklace pendant. And I wear it a lot, and get a lot of compliments and comments on it. So, back to the box of screw ups I went, and for the next Farmisan Market I will have a selection of spoon handle necklaces! 

Pretty fun!  Recognize those spools?

And now you know what those spools were purchased for.  Pinterest idea, I thought this was a fun way to display necklaces.

We will see how these sell at the next Farmisan Market. I will still have some key chains, but I suspect the necklaces will sell better than the key chains did.

I am going to be working on new stock for this months market, so I expect to have several new necklaces to sell as well, LOL.

Still a lot of rain here in the South, I may sneak in a swim before the next round of thunderstorms roll in! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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