Sunday, September 6, 2015

For a moment in time....

My plan for Labor Day weekend was, I thought simple, errands early on Friday morning followed by lunch with my husband at a restaurant I was excited to try then getting the house all clean so we could enjoy a clean house all weekend. The plan for Saturday was to spend a couple hours out running some fun errands and then home to my clean house to spend the rest of the weekend cooking, swimming and doing some crafting.
Did not go quite according to plan. Not that anything bad happened, a mundane errand that should have taken an hour on Friday morning took four and a half hours, enough to screw up our restaurant plans and, well, we just ended up doing a lot more than originally planned, like buying an old antique farm table from a friend for the kitchen. I should mention that I have loved this table since she found it at an estate sale years ago and I am THRILLED that it is now mine. And, I did a "Free Art Movement Nashville" art drop of one on my spoons. But more on both the Art drop and the Antique farm table in another blog post!
So, my house is not quite clean yet, but I am getting there. And I have not done the cooking that I wanted to, but...I am getting there. Although we are busy, this is still turning out to be a fun weekend and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far!
But for a moment this morning,
I just wanted to enjoy a quiet moment in time.
German pancakes, coffee and some of my favorite vintage pyrex. A few quiet minutes before we start our day.
Now, off to finish some chores before we spend the rest of the day swimming, grilling steaks then spending the evening under the stars watching movies and eating caramel corn and apple pie.
90 degrees outside, but we are going to pretend it is fall!
Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend so far!

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