Sunday, September 20, 2015

Found it!!!

What I lack in organization skills I make up for in tenacity.
At least that is my story, and I am sticking to it.

The eggplant blossom. I did get a picture of it! How I missed it when I was looking for it earlier this week I will never understand.

Farmisan Market was last night, a total snooze, which I expected. Too many Church craft shows and Fall events to compete with. Not to mention college football. No one can compete with that. There was almost no foot traffic I did not even make my booth fee back. Even my Art drop was a flop. Although, I did get a lot of interest AFTER we shut down, So, I will drop it sometime this week and will do another at the market next month.

But its all good, I still got to visit with friends and meet new people, I had a great time! Next month we decided to be the food vendor since we have no luck getting with our food trucks. Nothing too exciting. Hot dogs, chips and a bottle of water for 5.00 and brownies for a buck. My son is going to run it. We figured a cute football player slinging dogs would at least get some girls up there~ lol
Fun weekend, but way too short!
Hope you are had a great weekend!


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