Thursday, September 10, 2015

The pallet living room

I feel like we finally finished our outside living room pallet furniture! And I love it!
My husband was finally able to get around to modifying the second couch into kind of bleachers, they worked out pretty well!

It is a spot that we spend a lot of time in. Reading, watching the birds, playing on the computer talking or eating dinner. It really is an outdoor "room" for us.

I love the coffee table, and my husband found a way to make the one time plant stands into tiny end tables. Works out exactly the way I wanted it to! I love the way it worked out!
Bruno and I spend so much time together out here that he automatically runs to our couch as soon as we walk outside and waits for me to join him.
How do you like those Hydrangeas? Not the way I planned to unveil my Creative Village project, but I am still working on it, tweaking it, trying to get it to look just the way I want it to. I like the direction it is going in, just needs a bit of refinement! I am getting there!

I think it is funny that I ended up getting exactly the lawn furniture I wanted, and it cost us about, oh I don't know, maybe 20.00 in materials?
I was really thrilled at how these tiny end tables turned out! They are perfect!

It has been so dry the last couple months our little spot is not quite as lush as I am used to, but it is still so pretty! I love my little spot, shows that you don't have to spend a fortune to get what you want!
I am so messed up this week, I always am after a Holiday, I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday, Feels like a treat to already be heading into another weekend! But a busy weekend it will be, Football game tomorrow night, then getting ready for the Farmisan market next week and back to hammering and getting my stock up at Creative Village.
 I guess the lazy, hazy days of my summer are coming to an end, time to get back to it!
I hope you are having a great week!

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