Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Pinteresting ideas.....

As I was doing my usual weekend around the house chores yesterday, sprinkling cinnamon on my rug to vacuum up so the house smells like fall, and mixing up peppermint oil and water and spraying all the window sills and screens to keep the spiders out I thought, Oh! I should do another Pinterest post, but I have not really done any Pinterest projects lately.
Ah...duh, is it sad that Pinterest ideas have become such a normal part of my daily life that I almost forget where the idea came from?
Yes, it is a little sad.
So here it goes, some of my recent Pinterest " projects". First off, let me address the whole cinnamon in your vacuum to make your house smell like fall. Um...maybe it depends on what kind of vacuum cleaner you have but....Pinterest fail and a waste of even cheap cinnamon. Won't bother again. Although, my daughter is now reporting as she rolls around on the floor that the rug itself smells wonderful and the dog smells like cinnamon...I may rethink this.  And peppermint oil mixed with water to keep the spiders away. I am going to give this a mixed review, first, the orb weavers that I was trying to discourage from making their web near my front door, were not in the least bit bothered by the peppermint, even when sprayed directly on their web, but, after spraying all of the screens and window sills in the house, every time the wind blew, the divine scent of peppermint came with it, so...I may do it again, but I am not convinced the spiders cared one little bit. But it sure smelled good!
And since I had my oils out, and cold season will be upon us soon, although with my allergies I use this year round. Vapor sticks.
My favorite oils.
I picked up the vapor sticks and blanks off Amazon, very reasonable price. Seven drops of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender and three drops of peppermint and away you go. Is it as strong as the ones you can buy for 3.50 a pop? Maybe not, but they do the job and boy do they smell wonderful. Pinterest win!
Now this does work. Lemon, Rosemary and vanilla slowing simmering on your stove top. Yum! It smells just lovely! Pinterest win!

Burger and Fry seasoning, or in my house it is known as "Awesome Salt"
It has like 15 different spices, salts and sugar, is really fun to whip up and makes everything taste, well, awesome. We use it a lot! Huge Pinterest win!
I love mixing it up, so pretty!

Into the jar it goes!

And last, but not least, Candy corn crack. The most simple thing ever really. It is candy corn, salted cocktail peanuts and salted caramel peanuts mixed up and popped into a pretty jar. We call this stuff crack in our house because once you try it, you are addicted!

Still warm here in Middle TN, too warm to really feel like fall, but that is not stopping my fall food cravings like French Onion Soup with French bread and Honey Crisp apples. Perfect Sunday afternoon snack!
And I cannot help but start leaning toward the fall colors in my flower choices, Love these gorgeous blooms I pick up at Trader Joes this weekend! So pretty!

Still not going to feel like fall this week, but, that is ok. Before long I will be missing these soft warm breezes and shivering in the biting cold! So I will just enjoy it all while it lasts!
Hope you have a great week!

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