Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nashville Flea Market in August....

August is a toss up for me and the Nashville Flea market. When it is flesh melting hot outside, strolling the flea market is not necessarily on top of my list. But this month we were in the middle of some unseasonal gorgeous weather so my daughter and  I decided to head out there. And it turned out to be a really nice trip.
There were not quite as many vendors there as we usually see in spring and fall but more than I remember the last time I hit the flea in August.  But it was well worth the trip. I don't think I could even pick my favorite find!
A little beat up, but I thought these Hazel Atlas Salt and Pepper shakers were too cute to pass up, especially for the price.

A couple new spoons to hammer out, I really need to get some made to bring to Creative Village, it has been a couple months since I brought in new stock.

Sour cream glasses! I snatched these up when I saw them! And for a buck each? I was THRILLED! These have been on my wish list for a long time, but I have never seen them in my travels, and certainly not for that price. Score!!!

I love vintage kitchen items and this is another one that has been on my wish list for a long time. I see them around, but I am not usually willing to drop 22.00 on one in an antique store, but 7.00? Yup, it came home with me!

And another Fire King bowl! I was not going to buy this because I really don't need yet another bowl, but the vendor immediately offered to come down on the price and my daughter loved it, so, it came home with us!

And another cute metal bowl, It is a size smaller than the one I  use for my zinnias, so I thought how great the two would look grouped together and filled with Zinnias!
So, I think my thrifting dry spell is finally over with (Thank goodness!) not only did I score a couple items off my long term wish list at the flea market, but I also won a couple freak Ebay auctions this weekend for way less then I should have won them for...oh I cannot wait for the mail!
Oh, and the Zinnias are in full swing!
Love these beautiful blooms!
Almost half way through the week and looking forward to an extra long holiday weekend! Hope your week is going great!

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