Sunday, August 30, 2015

I sing the praises of Mason Jars...

I have to admit, It has been a long time since I have been this darn tired.
Middle Tennessee went from a typical asphalt melting Southern heat to almost idyllic days in the 80's and nights in the 50's. Now another front is moving in and the beginning of September looks like it will be a hot one.
What is the point of my weather report? None except to explain that swings in the weather like this kill my sinus's for some reason. I have spent the last three days with a constant sinus headache that even my allergy pills can't knock out. Finally on Friday night, I crashed. Too busy at work and home, not enough down time or sleep and my nagging headache finally wore me down and I crashed.
The result of my crash? Take out food for dinner the last three nights and no time spent on my projects. Not exactly earth shattering I know. Believe me I am not complaining, just explaining why I don't have my Creative Village project done yet. But I am getting there.
Yesterday crabby and tired as I was, I dragged my daughter out to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple things we needed for our various projects. The Hobby Lobby we go to is right next to a Goodwill so we made a quick stop in. I did not find much but squeeled in delight when I spotted a bunch of the shorter wide mouth mason jars that had just been put out on the shelf.
Did I mention I am usually late to pick up on a trend? But, no, I am not using these for projects or decoration I love to actually use them and the wide mouth are my favorite.
 These things are great for homemade salsas, quick pickles and such, but what I use them for the most is for carrying my lunch!
I am sure you have seen the pins on Pinterest, how to layer them for the perfect salad that lasts all week long, and I use them for green salads as well, but they are great for much more! Soups, the smaller jam jars are the perfect one serving size for lunch they heat up much better in the microwave than Tupperware and don't spill in your lunch bag like Tupperware can. Is it just me? But I do not love eating out of plastic, and I don't like using plastic in the microwave either, so being a soup addict, the mason jars are the only way to go. And pasta salads or fruit for your mid morning snack? Perfect size. Breakfast? yogurt parfaits are perfect in the smaller size. And drinks, I don't buy the individual orange or tomato juice cans, just a little too small of a serving size for me, I will pour my  juice in a small mason jar. And I love the plastic screw on tops you can buy for them now, so much better than the metal when you are using it for lunches.
Yes, they are a little bulky, but not much more than the tupperware. I laugh at the looks I sometime get when I am heating up my mason jar full of soup at lunch.

So my side trip to the Goodwill was well worth the stop in! Now I am heading to the kitchen to make some creamy garlic salad dressing for my mason jar salads this week. Then, back to my Creative Village project...I am almost finished with the first one, and very pleased with how it is shaping up! I should be able to show you the finished project next weekend for sure!
Hope you are having had a great weekend!

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