Wednesday, August 5, 2015

100 blog posts

Wow...100 posts.
Until I realized that I had hit the 90's a couple weeks ago, I had not given any thought to hitting that 100 post milestone. I am kind of shocked I actually had 100 blog posts in me! I thought it would be hard to hit 100 posts, I thought I would run out of topics, I thought I would get bored. But I keep plugging along and just when I think I have hit the wall an idea comes to me and I run with it. So, I guess I will keep rolling until the ideas run out.
But I think it will take awhile before I run out of ideas for arranging flowers.
I think it will be awhile before I get tired of vintage glassware.
I know it will be awhile before I get tired of heirloom veggies.
Or heirloom flowers.
I cannot imagine getting tired of taking pictures of bees.
Or birds
I think it will be awhile before I get tired of flea marketing.

And finding new things to collect.
Or trying new crafting projects.
It will definitely be a long time before I get tired of taking pictures.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is I think I will keep at this blogging thing for a little while longer, see where it goes and what it inspires me to do.
I hope you enjoy coming along with me to see what I do next!
Happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week! 

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