Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's great to have a handy husband.....

Well, as much as I was enjoying teaching myself how to build some planter boxes, lets be honest, I am just learning, I am slow, klutzy , power saws make me nervous and I am also on a bit of a deadline.
So I recruited my husband. What would have taken me a few weeks, dedicating all my free time, took him a few hours on a Saturday.
He pretty much rocked it.

Eleven planter boxes and a really cool tray/box for me to use with my outdoor pallet living room. Perfect size to load up with my iPad, tea, books, note pads and all the other things I drag out to my
"couch"' under the willow tree with me. I will have to go shopping for some really cool rustic handles to add on the sides. This may even end up a painting project...speaking of stencils...I may have to make myself a fun stenciled sign while I have all this wood and am experimenting, branching out and trying out new ideas is really fun!
But first, I have to sand, wash,  stain or seal and maybe do a stencil or two before I fill them.
What am I filling them with?
Hopefully I will be able to show you at least one completed box next week!
This is still officially a project for Creative Village, but I plan to have a couple available for sale at the Farmisan market in September. It is a gamble, but I hope people like them!
I am still stalking my Goldfinches, Love them, still not satisfied that I got the best picture I can get. So, I continue to hide behind the morning glory's like a creepy stalker snapping away.
I love how these flying saucer morning glory's are popping up all over the bank of morning glory's. I am really enjoying the mix! So glad I planted them!

Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer heat, only one more week left in August and we will start to notice fall sneaking in.
I love summer, but then again I love all the seasons so I am not sad to see Summer melt into Fall. Fall brings open windows, cooler nights scented with wood
smoke, fire's in the fire pit, hoodies, sweaters and baking, baking and more baking!
But until then...I am going to go melt into the pool for a couple hours and soak up the sun!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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