Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I never seem to be in step with trends, I usually start to take interest or notice a trend right about the time it is no longer trendy. But this time, this one time, I am right on trend!
With coloring books!
I can finally come out of the closet and stop snagging my kids coloring books! They make them for grownups now and it is finally socially acceptable for adults to color! I actually make sure I take time to color, sitting outside on my couch under the tree or for an hour or so before bed, I love it. It is a great way to relax at the end of a long day or on a pretty weekend afternoon.
I spent some time coloring on Sunday afternoon after I climbed out of the pool ,I sat down under the tree to color for a little while, it was a very pleasant way to wrap up the weekend.
I really like the "grown up" coloring books...I was so over the Disney princesses.
I also managed to get a couple pictures of the Goldfinches that have been eating my sunflowers seeds and the cute fat squirrel that has been raiding my crabapple tree.
Is he not gorgeous?

I am still going to try to get a better picture of these beautiful finches. I spent a couple hours waiting in the pool hoping they would come, it would be a perfect angle and a great shot, but they did not show up until later so I had to hide behind my morning glory's. Decent shot, but want a better one.

And this cute guy, still not the best shot, but I think he will keep coming back as long as the crabapples hold out...and they will...for awhile yet.
So back to stalking the finches and the squirrel again this weekend!
Hope you are having a great week!

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