Sunday, August 9, 2015

Retail therapy

It is "Tax Free Tennessee" weekend and the malls are mobbed with people doing their back to school shopping tax free. Pretty good deal, but I am not into mob scenes to save a couple bucks so I passed. For me, unless I am buying a computer the savings are not worth the log lines at check out or the crowds of extremely rude people.
As I was laying in bed on Friday night, making out my weekend "to do" list I decided I needed a little retail therapy, after a very frustrating, busy week at work, it was just what I needed to unwind. But there was no way I was going anywhere near a mall this weekend.
Unless of course it was an Antique mall! Now that is my kind of retail therapy.
I realized it had probably been about six weeks or so since I have been to my favorite indoor flea market. Just had not been having the best of luck there lately, but, lets just be honest here, after skipping the July Nashville flea market,  I needed a fix.
And a fix I got!
Like this cute Hazel Atlas Fridgie.

What, another cream and sugar set? Yes, you would think I drank a lot of coffee...I don't.

Fun shaving cup for my son, I am lucky to have kids that appreciate and enjoy vintage items almost as much as I do.

Yes, more Libby bowls. Yes I have a ton, but five for three bucks I could not pass on.

And some fun aluminum duck coasters, again for my son who collects Fire King game bird dishes, these compliment his ever growing set perfectly.

Not from this trip, but I did not think I ever posted about this Glasbake fridgie. I use this thing constantly. Perfect size and shape.

And how could I pass up a cute Pyrex bowl for 4.00? I like the smaller bowls and with that price there was no way I would not bring it home with me.
Can you stand another sunflower picture? I am crushing hard on my sunflowers this year.

My daughter the baker, she was excited to use the small vintage pie tin for her muffins this morning. She named this the morning mega muffin.
I plan to spend a couple hours in the pool this afternoon, not so much to float but so I can stalk the very large fat squirrel that has taken to eating the crab apples in my tree and the gorgeous gold finch couple that are slowly nibbling away at the sunflower seed in their centers, and lets not forget the hummingbird's. They were late this year, but they are making up for it now. I almost lost an eye last night while out taking pictures near the feeder. they have no fear. But I will literally crouch in my pool with the camera resting on the edge being as quiet as I can so they don't notice me and I can hopefully get a good shot.
The things I will do for a good picture.
But it is worth it I think.
Wish me luck.

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