Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The misadventures of a lazy gardener.

I am an enthusiastic gardener, really I am!
I love to spend hours looking through garden catalogs and Southern Living, gathering tips and writing down plans and ideas.
I am even good about making a lot of those plans a reality. But...upkeep? I may be a bit lax in that area. I blame it my short attention span. If I were a child now, I have no doubt I would be diagnosed with ADD.
Typically by August, sometimes even late July I am getting tired of the upkeep. The watering, the weeding, and the bugs just tick me off so  I just get...well...lazy. And I have to admit the last couple seasons have been my laziest!
Which is part of why I planted so many flowers, They require very little attention other than a nice squirt from the hose a couple times I week. I can handle that. So, earlier this summer, my son came home from his job one afternoon carrying two eggplants. He is, well, I guess you could call him a gardener/handy man/caretaker/driver for an elderly gentleman that lives in our neighborhood, and this gentleman loves to garden and had several eggplant "orphans" so my son decided a couple could come live with us. I told him sure, and we threw them in amongst the dill and wild cherry tomatoes.
I noticed some pretty blossoms on them earlier this summer, but did  get a good shot of one? No, I guess I am a lazy photographer as well.
Then last week when cutting Zinnia's I spotted this.
Will ya look at that. What a pretty eggplant!
According to my son, Mr. Bob has not had any luck with his eggplants. Maybe ignoring them is the key?
Well, regardless, I see an eggplant parmesan in my very near future!
Busy hammering away and getting ready for the Farmisan market this weekend! I am excited to see how it goes, I have a few different things to offer in my booth this week and I am interested to see how they sell!
Hope you are having a great week!

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