Saturday, October 10, 2015

A couple treasures from the Nashville Flea

This month is flying by!
I was looking at my calendar and realized I am only two weeks away from the October Flea market and I never posted my September finds!
Not that I had any super cool finds, I really did not find much in my two hours strolling around. I was pretty surprised actually because the October market is one of the bigger ones with lots of vendors. My main focus was chairs for my kitchen table, but, no luck. So hopefully this month I will get lucky and find the chairs I am looking for. I have seen them at the flea market before, and I just know I will be able to find more like them again.
But I did find the red Fire King chilie bowl. Score! And a steal at 2.00!

And who could pass up a funky mug? I know I never can!

And more flatware. I have been looking for the large serving spoons. I have a couple long poems that I would like to hammer out that I think will make very popular Christmas presents. I can't wait to get going on those, and the way this month is flying by, I better get hammering fast.

I have several plans for some Christmas themed ideas as well. There will be an open house at Creative Village at the beginning of November, they will be putting out all the Christmas stuff then and I am excited to see what everyone will have!
Next weekend will be the last Farmisan market of the season. I hate to admit it, but it was not the success I hoped it would be this year. I thought we would have bigger crowds being at the park, but, sadly we have been pretty darn slow, I hope we can come up with some big ideas to get people out there to see us next year..we need some produce people!
Beautiful Autumn weather here this week, our Fall color is not as pretty as it can be after our very dry summer, but the cooler temps have felt wonderful!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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