Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saying farewell to summer.....

Although I am now fully into Fall mode, and loving it,  I could not help but get a little sad this morning when I went outside to cut some Zinnia's. It hit me that these are some of the last Zinnias of the season.

I always miss my beautiful blooms.
 I stopped for a moment to look around my backyard, My poor morning glories perished early because of the hot dry end of summer weather coupled with a shock of a cold, but since it has been cooler several things have perked up again. Like my lemon balm, I have mounds of lemon balm growing along with my daylilies. A strange combination, but it works.

I really love mixing lemon balm and my Zinnias together. They make such a beautiful bouquet.

Then I looked over toward my potted herb garden, and saw the last of the most lovely grape tomatoes, so beautiful.

And the Basil.
Oh my heart breaks.

I am going to head outside this afternoon and harvest our sweet potatoes and cut the Basil. The best way I have found to keep it is frozen with olive oil in ice cube trays. Not the same as fresh, but, it will get me by and I will enjoy it in soup until spring, although, I know I won't make it that long and will end up buying potted herbs from Trader Joes before the end of January.
I sure will miss summer.
But I will make sure to enjoy Fall and Winter as well. As much as I love summer tomatoes and floating in the pool, I also enjoy staying inside watching movies curled up under chenille blankets with hot drinks and yummie snacks.
Old Farmers Almanac says we are in for another snowy hard winter, Is it bad that I am actually looking forward to that? For my family,  last Winters epic ice storms was a lovely relaxing staycation that I am 100% happy to repeat!
Hope you are having a lovely Autumn weekend!

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